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Spending long hours on digital devices during lock down


Know the affect of blue light on your skin and follow these tips to save your skin.

Ever wondered what made your skin tan or look dull even if you are pampering your face with best and expensive products. Simple, it could be your mobile phone, computer, laptop, TV that you spend time with. These emit a huge amount of blue light. Know the affect of blue light on your skin too. Say ‘Yes’ to Blue Light Filters

What is Blue Light ?

Blue Light is what makes the sky look blue. Sunlight is the main source of blue light and it’s the outdoors during daylight where most of us get exposed to it. High-energy visible light (HEV or Blue light) refers to the higher-frequency, shorter wavelengths of light in the violet-blue band of the visible spectrum.

Affect of Blue Light on the skin

Limited exposure to it helps, but looking at our lifestyles, we are over exposed to this unfriendly light which is prematurely ageing our skin. An average mobile phone user checks their phone 157 times in a day, imagine the grave intensity of the damage. Even though the sun is the biggest source of blue-light, our mobile devices have the potential to do more damage to our skin because of the closer proximity at which we use them. It can be serious and sometimes irreversible if not contained in time. How can you take hold of this hell of an oblivious issue ?

Tips to reduce the wreck of excessive screen-time:

Digital Detox is critical. Take a detox break from the screen. Switch off the blue light exposure from your mobile by going on a ‘Night mode’.

Night time detox by reducing unnecessary scrolling habits. Follow a ritual of no usage of mobile phone, half an hour before sleeping.

Fix a day in your calendar to dim those lights in the evening, candle light or darker light will enhance your mood. Yaaasss! the mood lightning also saves your skin.

Quit your phone for one hour each day, start reading a book or take up a creative habit that you have postponed for long. All doable, right?

Detox your face with Le Ritual Antioxidant Face Serum with Blue Oleactif® to save your skin from all the skin concerns arising from blue light.

Be ‘Anti-Blue Light’ ready, Happy Selfing  🙂

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