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Skincare Ritual for dewy skin


Skincare ritual to follow for that dewy skin that you always wished for

  1. Double Cleanse, Double Cleanse – Trust us, Clean face has the best skin. Morning Cleansing with Soap Free cleanser is a great way start your day and Night time Oil Cleansing is the perfect way to end your day.
  2. Screen it from the Sun and devices – Light sunscreen helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation, acne, fine wrinkles
  3. Exfoliate – Only mild exfoliation is the right thing to do, no cleansing brushes, no harsh exfoliators, please.
  4. Lessen your sugars – You use best skincare but no flawless skin, blame it on the cupcakes and sodas you slurp
  5. Cushy Talks – Wash those pillowcases every 4 days esp for acne prone skin
  6. Two for Tango – Separate the body towel and face towel, you know why? Trust us it works!
  7. Ice It Baby – Hot showers are for tired bodies not for the face, use cold water if you can’t lukewarm will just do, they keep the skin’s natural hydrating oils intact.
  8. Self Care – Hun, get that beauty sleep and hydrate with infused water and smoothies.
  9. One at a time – Don’t mix your treatments , AHAs, all the same time, they will do more harm than good.
  10. Pat Pat – Focus on spreading the cream or serum and getting it absorbed and not rubbing it in. Your skin is a sponge, it will soak.
  11. Keep your hands off your face – You don’t want to transfer the unwanted from your mobile phone to your face.
  12. Layer it right – Simple, follow the ‘Thinnest to Thickest’ consistency while layering the face.

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