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Shinrin Yoku, the Power of Healing


Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing is a mindful practice of unplugging. Connect with nature and take deep breaths, smell the freshness of the air. Touch the trunk of the tree and dip your fingers or toes in a stream. Lie on the ground and release your sense of joy and calm and savour this state of mind. This connection helps to reduce stress and improve feelings of happiness and free up your creativity. Studies reveal just after 15 minutes of forest bathing or walking in the greens helps to improve concentration and give mental clarity. Strolling in a park also would do the same trick.

Follow these rules to soak it up all in.

Be Tech-free – Soak in the experience. Leave behind your phone, camera or any other distractions

Wander aimlessly – Keep your work thoughts aside and allow your body to loosen up.

Pause and Appreciate – Admire closely the beauty of the green blade or notice the sounds of the chirp or different colour shades of a flower. All these senses heighten the feeling of happiness.

Find your nook – Find a comfortable place to sit and chill listening to the sounds around you.

Get a silent company – Walking with your companion is great however resist to talk, Feel the process.

We want to share our most happy Shinrin Yoku moment, crossing the misty lanes in the dense forest slowly on a horseback and feeling a cold moist breeze on the face. Indeed, it was a very calming experience which still lingers on our mind !

Share your happy Shinrin-Yoku moment !

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