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Every beauty is beautiful


Le Ritual’s belief on beauty and confidence

You experience a happy feeling when you look at the sky changing colours, sink your bare feet in the white sand, stare at the blue pristine sea , smell the lush green, feel the mist of the dewy breeze on your face, soak in those quiet starry nights. Indeed, it has its own beauty and you get happy even by just remembering and reliving it. Truly, these surreal moments live in your heart forever.

Have you ever given a thought, how does it work each and every time?

At a deeper level, beauty is celebrating these moments in the way you feel. It is the happiness reflecting the inner radiance, triggering your positivity.

On the other hand, when you talk about physical beauty, it’s for real, you can see and feel it although no one possesses the right to define it. The definition is too wide to put in a box. For sure, the world around us has to accept the fact that we are all unique, be it size, shape and colour.

For instance, some people enter a room and the whole environment lights up with great energy. You will also see the transformation when your positive energy attracts another beautiful energy. Thus, beauty simply lies in the mantra – ‘I will fight my inhibitions, fears and emerge stronger everyday’. Rewind, play and repeat this inner voice and experience the change. Trust us, this will always work.

And Voila! subsequently your confidence will shine back with a belief to slay even harder and shout out back that ‘you are beautiful in your own way!’

So this is our belief on beauty and confidence. It is the power within, which reigns; to create, build and inspire. In the end, you know it gets even more beautiful when there are no strict rules for perfection.

Thus, as long as she embraces her radiant aura, we strongly believe ‘Every Beauty is Beautiful’

Forever, Stay Magical !

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