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Dying question – Do I need an under eye serum when I have a good moisturizer


It is imperative to use under eye serum specially made for your delicate area around your eyes to reduce wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness & under eye bags

Why we say so

Firstly, Normal moisturizers tend to be slightly heavy as a formulation. They hit on different concerns of dryness, hydration or wrinkles. Secondly, Light moisturizers are not to be used around eye areas. They will dry the area. Isn’t it light for a reason? Moisturizers cannot fulfill a specific need of the skin around the eyes. On the other side, the most searched ‘best under eye cream’ in a cream or mask format could be as heavy as a face moisturizer.

Therefore, moisturizers, eye creams and eye masks are not highly recommended around the eyes.

Our modern living has added to our concerns. Thus, we have a big reason for you to invest in a good under eye serum. It targets a delicate eye area and gets easily absorbed than eye creams or eye masks. Hence always look for an eye serum which hydrates and hits on all the concerns of wrinkles, folds, dark circles, and puffiness.

Although, the most trending used ingredient caffeine gives a tightening effect. However it does a temporary work. An important factor for eye creams to perform is penetration. To this end, you need an advanced formulation which actually works, and gives visible improvement. The best eye formulation will take care of your puffy eyes and add firmness. It will hydrate, reduce wrinkles and dark circles. It should not target just one or two concerns. You need an All- rounder Eye Serum.

Always remember –

  • Eye Serums have to be used in pea sized small portions ….‘Little is More’ 🙂
  • Watch out for potent ingredients. Do not opt for cheaper options, which temporarily work. Do not go for an expensive ones which just smells right. It does not help you to maintain the skin around your beautiful eyes. Ideally, it should work and give you a visible result. Try our Le Ritual Omega-Rich Under Eye Serum, your dream under eye serum.
  • Always apply it in order. Check the pack for when to use it before or after the moisturiser. Le Ritual Under Eye Serum can be used before the Le Ritual Antioxidant Rich Face Serum
  • As a morning and night ritual, apply it in small dots around your eye. Apply it right under the eyebrow in circles. Stay away from the lash line. To help improve the circulation, pat and tap with the ring finger until it gently absorbs.

In conclusion , irrespective of what skin type you are, an under eye serum is your [AM PM] friend.

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