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Shinrin Yoku, the Power of Healing

Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing is a mindful practice of unplugging. Connect with nature and take deep breaths, smell the freshness of the air. Touch the trunk of the tree and dip your fingers or toes in a stream. Lie on the ground and release your sense of joy and calm and savour this state [&hellip...

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Citrus Oils for your Skin Ritual

The Science behind the essential oil blends is fascinating. To know, how these oil blends interact with your body is quite amazing! Each oil captures the unique combination of different constituents, every oil blend lends itself to a different outcome. Essential oils can work wonders on your skin, i...

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Skincare Ritual for dewy skin

Skincare ritual to follow for that dewy skin that you always wished for Double Cleanse, Double Cleanse – Trust us, Clean face has the best skin. Morning Cleansing with Soap Free cleanser is a great way start your day and Night time Oil Cleansing is the perfect way to end your day. Screen it fr...

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Dying question – Do I need an under eye serum when I have a good moisturizer

It is imperative to use under eye serum specially made for your delicate area around your eyes to reduce wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness & under eye bags Why we say so Firstly, Normal moisturizers tend to be slightly heavy as a formulation. They hit on different concerns of dryness, hydration ...

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Spending long hours on digital devices during lock down

Know the affect of blue light on your skin and follow these tips to save your skin. Ever wondered what made your skin tan or look dull even if you are pampering your face with best and expensive products. Simple, it could be your mobile phone, computer, laptop, TV that you spend time with. These [&h...

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Goodies in, Nasties Out ! No Greenwashing

Goodies in, Nasties out, No Greenwashing – Know the nasty chemicals to avoid and use safe and certified ingredient laden skincare for healthy living. Who would not get lured with pretty pictures of Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Avocados, exotic flowers & herbs that embellish that plastic label? Bu...

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Every beauty is beautiful

Le Ritual’s belief on beauty and confidence You experience a happy feeling when you look at the sky changing colours, sink your bare feet in the white sand, stare at the blue pristine sea , smell the lush green, feel the mist of the dewy breeze on your face, soak in those quiet starry nights. ...

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